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An approach to foster relationships, knowledge and imagination.

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Join Our Waitlist

There is no fee to place your family’s name on our waitlist. Please fill out the information below to receive a confirmation of waitlist. 

We will keep in contact with you to update your child’s potential enrolment. You may call the supervisor of the school at any time to check your status on the list.

Pre-registration Option

Families may choose to Pre-register their child/ren. Pre-registration will put your child’s name in our queue for enrolment. A Registration Fee of $75.00 is required at this time and Discovery Preschool will call or email you providing notification that a space is becoming available. If we are unable to enroll your child when the space is required, or a mutually agreed upon date, the Registration Fee will be returned.

Should the family decline the space, they may request that they remain on the pre-registration waiting list and hold their priority. A subsequent refusal will result in their names being removed from the list and the Registration Fee will be returned. Parents may be offered a space at any one of our locations to assist in enrollment should the school of choice not be able to accept a space. The Registration will be transferable to all schools.

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $300.00 is required when a space is accepted by the parent and the centre has guaranteed the space for your child. The deposit is required immediately to secure your child’s space in the program. The Security Deposit is not refundable should your child not attend for any reason. This fee is held in escrow and will be refunded to your family upon termination of the contract.

If your family is on the York Region Fee Subsidy Waitlist, please advise us of your status with the program. York Region must approve a start date prior to your child starting the program.

Book A Tour

A tour can be booked in advance to ensure a safe and special appointment for your family to visit the classrooms and ask questions that you might have. Look for our love of plants! Can you see our work in literacies? Do you see the children’s research in their work? Ask to see pieces of our exhibit so we can show how children theories are built within the group. Above all, Discovery Preschool cherishes family and we welcome you into our school wholeheartedly!