Empowering Childhood Experiences

An approach to foster relationships, knowledge and imagination.

Welcome to Nursery School - Ages 2 1/2 Years to 6 Years

It is our mission to support the curiosity and creativeness of the child and to help to facilitate successful experiences in our school

Milestones: A project checkpoint to validate how a goal is progressing and revalidate the work

Our philosophy encourages teachers to observe children’s strategies and use this information to plan “what is next?”

Developmental milestones tell us that children are interested and ready for the following curriculum.

Literacy and Language: An introduction to new materials and tools gives us perspective on skill. It is our goal to support unique aspects in each child’s journey, while challenging them with necessary skills such as symbol and  letter recognition, fine motor control, expressive and receptive language and playful imagination.

Art and Art Medium: We firmly believe that art is storytelling and the ability to transform thoughts on paper. Therefore part of our curriculum supports graphic representation of ideas and the child’s vision. This strengthens the skills that blueprint literacy and written language. A variety of materials are chosen to support this growth such as brushes, charcoal, pastels, pencils, marker, etc.

Social Play and Assembly are experiences that support the child’s sense of self, both independently and within the context of a group.  Children will sit together at times in the day to interact with peers while performing tasks that have been introduced by the teacher. These will include assembly for songs and stories, games, show and tell, etc.

Mathematical concepts are explored through experiences that include perception, visual and special relations through everyday encounters. Teachers will foster this through music and rhythm, the market place, block play and much more.