Discovery Journey

At the 2015 conference, documentation was the topic as the Italian educators created the ambiance of a deep thinking and reciprocal exchange. We were able to present the work of our children to our colleagues and received many compliments to our in-depth study.

Many thanks to Mary and Nikita from Heritage and  Margaret and Nicole from DP On 7 for a great 3 day experience.


The Discovery Preschool group visit the Artists at the Centre; a yearly exhibit of the work of children and teachers in Hamilton, ON. The project documents the work of a community of artists that work in the child care centres and is displayed for educators and families in the Conservatory of Music. From left to right: Mary and Nikita (Heritage), Lesley (Beckenridge),  Allison (Owner), Margaret (on 7).

At Discovery Preschool, we know how to celebrate our teachers longevity! Once you receive your 5 year pendant necklace, you are escorted into a limo and taken on a surprise journey downtown Toronto. These wonderful teachers are celebrating 5 and 10 years with us. Our tour consisted of dinner at Kit Kat Restaurant, followed by Les Miserables at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Sandy and I wish to thank each of you for your incredible work and your dedication to young children.

From Left to right: Mei -5 years, Sandy (forever) , Shamsi- 5 years, Helen, 5 Years, Genga – 5 years,  Antoinetta -10 years,  Jackie – 5 years, Vanaja – 5 years, Nikita – 10 years, Saba – 5 years and behind the camera is Allison (forever)!

The Board of the Ontario Reggio Association with special Guests from the schools of Reggio Emilia; Lella Gandini and Daniella Lanzi. 2015